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MARGERY ROSE (Grieves 2018)
Standards mauve, pale mauve random veining; style arms pale mauve over green-yellow; Falls mauve, slightly veined, green-yellow steeple signal. Registered rebloomer.

40" M
MARIE AMIÉE (Haymon 2016)
Standards medium pink, edged silver-white; style arms green, edge lighter; Falls bright pink, edged silver-white, bright green-gold signal turning to bright yellow; ruffling and lacy edge; slight sweet fragrance.

34" M
MATILDA'S WALTZ (Jackson 2018)
Standards mid red-violet, variable softer color break, cream edge and reverse; style arms cream, overlaid red-violet; Falls mid red-violet, cream edge and reverse, 6 gold steeple signals; heavily ruffled.

38" E
MELODY WILHOIT (Nichols 2013)
Standards dark yellow, ruffled; style arms dark yellow, slight green deep interior; Falls same as standards, gold raised signal; huge flowers; saucer shaped.

36" E-L
MENTIDA (Norris 1981)
Rich cobalt blue with tiny yellow signal.
38" M
MIGRANT HOME (Betts 2008)
Standards blue violet; style arms pale blue violet, edges silvery green; falls dark blue violet, gold pipe signal; ruffled, musky fragrance.
40" M
Upright cream standards edged lavender and veined brown. Ruffled falls are light lavender edged dark lavender and veined brown. Gold signals.
44" M
MOOMBA FLARE (Jackson 2018)
Standards light garnet red, darker veining; style arms garnet red, edge lighter; Falls garnet red, gold line signals; ruffling on all petals.

35" M
MOUNTAIN SMOKE (Jackson 2018)
Standards lavender-grey, style arms lavender-violet; Falls mid lavender-rose, 3 gold steeple signals; ruffled.

38" E-M
MULBERRY ICE (Pryor 2018)
Petite blooms the size of a US Silver Dollar abound on equally petite stalks of just 14 inches. Falls are deep mulberry with pronounced lilac petal rim; yellow blotch signal is overlaid with a lime-yellow steeple signal which adds impact. Standards are creamy-white, veined dark mulberry with a pronounced mulberry line signal and veining.

14" M
MY FRIEND DICK (Butler 2000)
Currant red, bold golden yellow signal.
35" M
NADINE SARAH (Grieves 2018)
Standards very pale violet, fine veining; style arms cream, throat green; Falls same as standards; 6 light yellow signals.

36" M
Mid lavender self. Standards with lime line signals and white luminata area around. Falls with a raised, elongated white steeple signal and lime line signals with white luminata area around the line crest. Style arms pale lemon-lime, pale lavender tips. Highly ruffled and rounded flower. Named for New Zealand's premier watercolor artist.
36" M-L
NIGHT THUNDER (Morgan 2001)
Ruffled dark purple with orange steeple signal.
26" M
OAKLANDS PRINCE (Jackson 2017)
Standards wine-red, style arms light gold striped wine-red; falls wine-red, tinged green throat, recurved, 6 fold star shaped signals; flared.

38" m
OPAL SUNSET (Pryor 2000)
Golden-yellow with fine rose-pink veining and a delicate rose-pink blush at the petal edges. A lime-green signal with a yellow starburst layer and rosy-red eyeliner.

32" EM
OUR CAROLINE (Pryor 2008)
Highly ruffled, deep caramel self, lemon-yellow rim and reverse. Golden yellow style arms with caramel midrib; large golden-yellow blotch signal with deep lime base, overlaid golden-orange steeple signal on all petals creating a star signal effect. Rounded flower form with slight fragrance.
30" L
OUR DOROTHY (Pryor 2002)
Falls lemon with cyclamen rim, lime-yellow signal outlined in red. Standards are pale lemon rimmed cyclamen pink. Style arms apricot, blushed pink. Ruffled.
38" ML
PARAMONT STAR (Pryor 2011)
Deep velvety-purple self with white rim and reverse, bright yellow steeple star signal on all petals. Style arms are pure white, tipped purple with a golden style arm base. Gently ruffled with 'star quality' written all over it!

30" M-L
Standards pale icing pink, red line signal to near edge, pale pink reverse; style arms pastel lemon, tips pale icing pink. Falls pale icing pink, orange steeple signal with red eyeliner changing to red line signal, pale pink reverse, ruffled, fine piecrust edging, slight fragrance.
41" ML
PEACHES IN WINE (Pryor 1998)
Name says it all.
35" E
PETER'S HEIR (Betts 2007)
Lightly ruffled, purple bitone with feather-veined standards.
37" EM
PLUM GOOD (Nelson )
Plum red. In commerce prior to 1955. Registered 2001.

30" ML
Standards medium rose, falls medium rose darker rose veined, yellow arrowhead signal.

38" M
Rose self with lots of ruffles, yellow dagger signal with raised center.

30" ML
Heavily ruffled green-veined white, green gold signal changing to green veining; style arms dark green fading to white at tip; slight sweet fragrance.

39" EM
PRINCESS LEIA (Pryor 1998)
Cyclamen purple, white rim and reverse, raised lime-yellow steeple signal with crimson veining; style arms white, with early pale pink blush.
45" M
PRIX D'ELEGANCE (Pryor 1997)
Heavily ruffled soft rose-pink with rose veining, cream rim and reverse on each petal.
35" EM
PROFESSOR NEIL (Mertzweiller 1992)
Tetraploid. Very deep wine red with large, brilliant yellow signals.
36" M
QUEEN ADELAIDE (Jackson 2001)
Heavily ruffled light lavender blue, darker veining, signals gold.

32" ML
QUEEN JEANNE (Pryor 2003)
Intensely ruffled, deep blue-violet self, fine lilac rim and reverses. White styles blushed violet, golden signals.

41" ML

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