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DARK DUDE (Betzer 2010)
Standards and styles near black, falls same overlaid velvety black. Gold dagger signals, lightly ruffled.
34" ML
Standards deep purple, purple line signal; style arms red violet, blue violet tips, apple green base, white edges; Falls slightly darker purple, yellow blotch overlaid with raised orange steeple signal, pronounced deep purple surround; ruffled, triangular form; sweet fragrance. Registered 2007,

41" VE-E
DASHING HERO (Pryor 2011)
Standards golden with plum-red speckling and pale cerise-red blush to petal edge; red line signal. Falls sunset with deep plum-red speckling and dashes on the petal edge; Large golden blotch signal overlaid with a lime steeple signal. Ruffled, rounded flower form. Can be quite variable with hues of either golden-sunset or cerise-red.

40" E-M
DEJA VOODOO (O'Connor 2011)
Standards, Falls, and style arms deep purple; bright yellow arrowhead signal; lightly ruffled.
32" M
DELTA STAR (Grainger 1968)
Purple self, six-petalled with signal on all falls.
38" M
DESTINATION ROBE (Jackson Reg 2011)
Sandards medium velvety purple; styles cream heavily washed purple. Falls deep velvety purple. Gold signals on falls, smaller and variable on standards. Ruffled. Registered 2011.

28" L
DIXIE COUNTRY (Strawn 1996)
Standards and falls violet-blue. Styles arms slightly lighter violet-blue. Inconspicuous yellow spear signal. A good grower that is one of the few hybrids of I. hexagona origin.

28" L
DOREEN FLORENCE (Jackson 2016)
Deep blue-violet self; gold signals.

35" M
DOT MARIE (Matheny 2001)
Velvety dark purple, falls with golden yellow signal, style arms purple.

45" EM
EASTMAN WINDS (Pryor 2004)
Bright fuchsia pink with all over red veining, lemon rim and reverse; all petals with greenish yellow steeple signal with surrounding yellow line signal outlined red, giving star effect.
30" ML
ELECTRIC STORM (Jackson 2018)
Standards burgundy; style arms cream washed lighter burgundy; Falls burgundy, 6 gold star signals; ruffling on all petals; overlapping form.

37" E-M
Near black, huge yellow signals.

32" M-L
EYES WIDE OPEN (Pryor 2016)
Creamy-yellow standards with a 'hot' cyclamen blush at 1/4" edge. Falls are medium cyclamen-pink with white rim and very large yellow blotch signal which is surrounded with a strong red 'eye-line'. Falls are slightly re-curved. Sweet fragrance.

39" M
FEATHER AND FAN (Pryor 2012)
Standards white with cyclamen-violet blush and fine white petal rim, thin lilac line signal, petals often 'feathered'. Falls lilac-pink with darker cyclamen-lilac blush at edges, white rim with golden blotch signal overlaid golden steeple signal with lilac surround. Style arms cyclamen-violet, white tips and edges. One of the most unusual cultivars from the Pryor's gardens.

39" M
FLAMING HOT (Betzer 2017)
With its reddish orange flower, FLAMING HOT truly stands out in an iris bed. The bright yellow style arms stand in contrast to the rather unusual petal color. It is a good increaser and loves to bloom.
30" M
FOR DAD (Pryor 1997)
Bright yellow self. Registered rebloomer.

40" M
FOR MADELAINE (Pryor 2008)
Standards and falls very dark purple; style arms purple with fine yellow midrib; golden-orange steeple signal with strong red-purple eyeliner surround on all petals, creating a star signal effect. Rounded flower form with very wide, overlapping falls. Slightly ruffled, slight fragrance.

40" M-L
Standards medium to dark plum-purple; style arms very dark plum-purple; Falls velvety plum-purple, gold steeple signal; lightly ruffled.
30" M
FRIENDS' SONG (Haymon 2004)
Standards medium pink, darker streaks; style arms dark green shading to cream at tips; Falls dark pink, darker streaks, green-tipped gold steeple signal, ruffled.
32" EM
Pastel pink standards, lilac-purple falls, cream style arms.

35" E
Velvety, purple black self.

30" M-L
GEISHA EYES (Arny 1990)
Standards dark blue-violet with large yellow-green signal with extended line crest. Falls same.
30" ML
GINNY'S CHOICE (Rudkin 2005)
Blue-violet with yellow star steeple signal.
26" M
GODZILLA (Durio 1987)
Very dark violet, bright full yellow signal; light violet style arms, edged light yellow.

36" E
GRIS GRIS (O'Connor 2011)
Standards and falls deep red; style arms red wine; yellow dagger signal outlined wine red.
38" M

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