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Macey and Greg McCullough
7675 Younger Creek Road
Primm Springs, TN 38476 USA

Phone: 800-934-4747
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Print this page (two printed pages), complete the information, then drop it in the mail, along with your check or credit card information. You are also welcome to call us to place your order. 
Please see General Information regarding ordering.
Beardless orders must be received by September 1, bearded by July 31.
We ship bearded iris mid July through the end of August and beardless in September. We don't ship in the Spring and we are not able to export.
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Substitutes and Bonus Plants
Some varieties are in short supply, in particular those with "Ltd Q" in the price column, and will sell out early. Also, weather conditions occasionally reduce the performance of certain plants so that supplies are less than we planned. Please indicate a few acceptable substitutes, or allow us to substitute varieties of equal or greater value. We will substitute only with your permission, but we promise that you will be happy. We always include bonus plants with iris orders (unless you indicate not to) and will do our best to select those from your substitute list.

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Shipping-Zipcode under 80000 $14
Zipcode over 80000 $18

Plus $0.50 per plant over 10 plants

Please add $0.85 per plant if you wish to have 3-day delivery (Not necessary for bearded iris or zipcodes under 80000)
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Thank you for your order -- Happy Irising!!

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