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Heavily ruffled cerise-plum standards and darker rose-plum falls. Pink style arms are blushed yellow. A real garden stunner!

30" ML
Standards are rounded medium red-rose with creamy white under wash with deeper red-rose lines throughout the standards. The style arms are yellow blended red rose. The slightly rounded falls are red-rose with some ruffling. Gold signals.

36" M-L
HECTOR DUHON (Haymon 2014)
Standards ruffled light blue with white serrated edge, Falls ruffled light blue, slight white serrated edge. Deep yellow line signal surrounded by medium yellow thumb print signal all outlined deep blue radiating out into the falls. Style arms light blue

32" M
HENRY ROWLAN (Faith 2002)
Standards and style arms blue purple, falls slightly darker blue purple, golden yellow signal.
43" EM
HOT AND SPICY (Pryor 1997)
Tomato red self with lemon-yellow rim on all petals. Lemon reverse, raised yellow steeple signal surrounded by yellow dagger signal. Bright green style arms tipped yellow.
35" M
HOT ZONE (Jackson 2017)
Standards burnt orange-red; style arms yellow overlaid softer yellow; Falls burnt orange-red, three gold steeple signals; ruffled.

34" M-L
HUSH MONEY (Dunn 1998)
Standards cream with blue cast; falls cream, raised gold line signal.
36" M
INSTANT REPLAY (Granger 1981)
Medium to deep blue-violet self.
22" M
IT'S A BOY (Haymon 1990)
Lightly ruffled pale lavender blue, gold steeple signal edged dark blue, cream style arms shading to lavender, tipped blue; slight fragrance.

27" M
ITALIAN AFFAIR (Taylor 2000)
Purple violet, light buff edge and reverse, signals yellow; style arms buff, heavily ruffled.
43" ML
JACARANDA LAD (Pryor 1997)
Soft blue self with lime green signals and pink style arms changing to jacaranda blue.

40" M
JAMES FAITH (Faith 2002)
Standards blue purple, lightly ruffled, style arms blue with reddish cast. Falls darker blue purple, large golden yellow signal edged creamy white.
42" M
JERI (Bertinot 1985)
Beautiful velvety dark violet.
39" EM
JIVE TALKIN' (Pryor 2002)
Lemon base washed with cerise blush, white rim and lemon reverse. Long lime-yellow steeple signals on all petals.
38" EM
JOE POTT (Mertzwiller 2007)
Standards lavender purple, falls yellow ground veined light lavender-purple, yellow pendant form signal.

24" M
JOIE DE VIVRE (Pryor 1997)
Cerise-purple with a red flush fading to an old-rose coloring with deeper purple flush.
35" ML
KENTUCKY CAJUN (Norris 1995)
Tetraploid. Violet blue standards; falls darker violet blue. Gold signal, ruffled and flaring.
30" M
Tetraploid. Standards violet blue, style arms yellow, brushed and streaked lavender. Falls darker violet blue, thin yellow halo, sunburst signal yellow with forked yellow orange midline. Pronounced spicy fragrance.
33" ML
KOORAWATHA (Taylor 1987)
Heavily ruffled golden yellow with full overlapping parts.
30" M
LADY CECILY (Pryor Reg 2011)
Nicely ruffled deep purple self of outstanding quality. Registered 2011.

35" E-M
LATTE LIME (Pryor 2012)
Standards and falls pale coffee pink, coffee cream reverse; style arms brandy lime with lemon midrib and lime base; Falls with lime blotch overlaid with a lime steeple signal, dark coffee surround; ruffled, rounded form; spicy fragrance. Registered rebloomer.

31" E
Standards and falls lemon-white, bright orange line signal. Falls more heavily veined.
38" E
Intensely ruffled ruby-red with yellow starburst signal on all petals. Ruby-red style arms with lemon tip fringe. Water Sprite variety.

32" EM
LIZZOO (Durio 1995)
Flat to flaring, 5 to 6" blooms. Light yellow standards have a dark orange mid-stripe, dark orange veining and a yellow edge. Falls are dark orange with golden yellow signals.

30-36" ML
Standards creamy-white with fine orange line signal. Falls same with orange steeple signal. Style arms white. Highly ruffled with triangular flower form. Named for a dear friend and work colleague of BP. Very vigorous growth habits. Great garden cultivar.

36" M-L
LOVE ME DO (Pryor 1998)
Cerise-red self with white rim and reverse.
32" M-L
LOVE YA (Campbell 1991)
Standards red-purple, falls darker with gold signal.

34" M

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