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A hybrid of the series Hexagone, which includes I. hexagona, I. fulva, I. brevicaulis, I. nelsonii and I. giganticaerulea, Louisianas will grow in standing water but are perfectly happy in regular garden soil if the soil pH is 6.5 or lower.

They bloom about two weeks after tall beardeds and Siberians. Louisianas require lots of water, rich acid soil and heavy feeding of a balanced fertilizer.

They should be kept well mulched and can be moved in late summer to early fall. Set the plants at least two feet apart as they multiply and spread rapidly. The rhizome should be planted horizontally, about 2" deep, and must be kept well watered, particularly during the growing season.

The far right column contains Awards received (if any), registered height and bloom season and price.

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I. brevicaulis (Rafinesque 1817)
Beautiful pale blue-violet, signal surrounded by white. Flowers borne down in the foliage on zigzag stalks. Very cold-hardy.
12" L
I. fulva
An easy to grow iris with numerous terracotta red to deep red flowers. Very vigorous.
30" EM
I. fulva Dwarf
Deep terra-cotta red.
12" E
I. giganticaerulea
Light blue and very vigorous.
I. hexagona
Bright blue flowers.
28" L
I. nelsonii
Also known as Abbeville iris, native of the swamps near Abbeville, Louisiana. More intensely colored red and larger in size than I. fulva.
30" M
I. nelsonii Abbeville Yellow
Collected yellow form of the species.
30" M
ACADIAN MISS (Arny 1980)
Ruffled white self with green signals and green style arms

30" ML
ALL FIRED UP (Pryor 2006)
All petals are mid golden-orange with burnt plicata petal edges, lemon petal rim and burnt red style arms with golden midribs and edges. Lime steeple signal, outlined red gives a star effect to the open flowers. Flowers will change to all gold with more distinct plicata rim after the first day.

40" M-L
Standards pastel creamy-white with very fine lime-yellow line signal. Style arms pastel lemon, blushed cyclamen-pink with strong lemon-yellow tips. Falls pastel lemon, blushed mid pink to the petal edges with a bright green, raised steeple signal with a red surround at the signal tips. Very ruffled flowers. Mature blooms medium pink.
41" E
ANN HORDERN (Pryor 1997)
Pale lemon self with deep pink veining and petal rim. Lemon style arms. Bloom changes to pink on the second day.

40" ML
ATCHAFALAYA (Campbell 1998)
Lightly ruffled, dark velvety red-violet flowers with a blue-violet cast and blue-violet to silver halo. Yellow signals with green crests.
36" E-M
AUNT SHIRLEY (Mertzweiller 1992)
Large coral pink, medium yellow signal. Very vigorous.
36" M
BAYOU BANDIT (Campbell 1998)
A rare variant of I. fulva. The color is soft chocolate brown with underlying pink and a sheen of lavender.
32" E-M
BAYOU BUCKSKIN (Hedgecock 2010)
Standards and falls pinkish tan, near green signal with brown spear point edges. Flaring, slightly curled falls.
30" M
BAYOU GYPSY (Hedgecock 2012)
Standards light raspberry with darker streaks and splashes. Falls deeper raspberry with yellow signal. Style arms raspberry with lighter midribs and edges. Gently ruffled, 6" blooms.
34" M
BEGUILING EYES (Grieves 2016)
Standards cream-white, random red-purple streaks; green fading to cream-white crests; Falls cream-white, red-purple veining and random streaks, signals yellow veined red-purple.

39" M
BENNELONG RUBY (Pryor Reg 2011)
A delightful ruby-red bitone with pale lemon rim and petal reverse on all petals. Golden style arms are tipped ruby. Highly ruffled and a great garden performer.

40" M-L
BILLY (Bertinot 1986)
Large ruffled red-violet with bright canary yellow signals.

36" M
BLACK WIDOW (MacMillan 1953)
Deepest violet self.
48" L
Pale sky blue with a fine white rim and white reverse. Triangular flower form.
28" M-L
Standards light blue-magenta, fine lighter edge; style arms light blue-magenta, fine white center line; falls same as standards, veined green center line, 6 gold star shaped signals.

40" M
Flat open form flower, intense brownish-red, subtle darker veining, small deep gold signal, excellent substance, holds color well, strong growth and bloom habit, good multiplier.

29" M
BROWN RECLUSE (Moores 2014)
Standards tan brown, yellow cast, faint tan veining, lighter brown line signal overall; style arms green center, tan at lip; Falls slightly darker tan-brown veined darker, dark brown line signal extending from haft to distal edge.

29" EM
CAJUN COPPER BABY (Hedgecock 2015)
Standards buff veined light brown; falls buff, more heavily veined light brown; lime raised line signal surrounded by brown veins extending out to end of petal. Styles feathered, darker latte.

24" M
CAJUN SUNRISE (Mertzweiller 1993)
A magnificent, flat, strong brick red with a broad, golden yellow edging and a sunburst yellow ray pattern on the falls.
33" M
CALA (Betzer 2008)
Cream yellow with light violet edges.
39" ML
Standards dresden yellow base, sea lavender petal with light yellow center line and rim; style arms lettuce green base blending to pale yellow-green; Falls lettuce green base, dresden yellow center, wide lavender band overlaid brown first day, ruffled, rounded, all edges picoteed with light yellow rim; musky fragrance.

36" EM
Ruffled and somewhat recurved cerise pink self with a pale pink reverse.

38" E-M
CHERISHED ONE (Pryor 2009)
Pure white standards with faint rose-pink line signal. Falls are palest lemon, overwashed with pink and featuring a lemon blotch signal, overlaid with a vivid lime steeple signal. The slightly ruffled petals combine with the petite, triangular flower shape to make a pleasing display. One of the last cultivars to bloom in our garden.

39" M-L
CHERRY CUP (Morgan 1989)
Bright cherry red with yellow wire edge.
27" M
CLARA GOULA (Arny 1977)
Very ruffled, creamy white.
MSDM1987, MSD1982
36" EM
A very beautiful cornflower-blue self with yellow signal.
30" M
Standards lilac, thick red purple veining, wide lemon rim; style arms lemon, base blushed purple, purple midrib; Falls medium lemon, thick intense red purple veining, wide lemon rim, golden yellow steeple signal, ruffled.
39" L
Dinnerplate formed fluffy white self. Vigorous.
34" M
CREOLE CANARY (Granger 1978)
Yellow double with orange-yellow center line and darker steeple signal.
36" M
CREOLE RHAPSODY (Mertzweiller 1998)
Slightly ruffled and flared bicolor iris in tones of red and white.
34" M
CRUSHED ICE (Pryor 1996)
A beautiful, classically pure white self with yellow signals. Outstanding growth and vigor with stalks that stay erect during even the strongest winds.

39" E-M
CUTE AS (Jackson 2017)
Standards lavender, style arms same, cream tips; falls lavender, 3 gold steeple signals outlined deep lavender, ruffled and laced.

26" M-L

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