Welcome to Iris City Gardens

Dear Friends:

Welcome to Iris City Gardens

This is our twenty-third catalog and we very much appreciate each and every one of you for making it possible.

2016 was fairly uneventful, except for a severe drought in September and October (you probably heard about the wildfire in Gatlinburg due to the dry conditions). We are very fortunate to have a good creek that we use for irrigation, and it didn't let us down. The drought broke in November and, as I write this in early January, our rainfall levels are back to normal. You are welcome to give us a call early to mid April to check on the bloom.

We encourage you to visit during our open gardens to see the plants in person and enjoy our beautiful country farm. You're welcome to bring a lunch. We have picnic tables and supply the lemonade.

This year we are introducing six new irises, including four new beauties from Peter Jackson of Adelaide Australia, a new Louisiana from Ron Betzer (whose DARK DUDE received an Award of Merit in 2015), and another very nice bearded iris from Tom Silvers. As always, we're very grateful to our hybridizers for allowing us the priviledge of introducing their beauties.

BROWN RECLUSE-Louisiana iris

Beardless iris are easy to grow and are not very troubled by pests or disease. Their foliage is attractive all during the growing season and, of course, the blooms are fantastic. Most like a slightly acid soil and welcome the mulch that helps control weeds and hold in moisture. They are very good for use near, and in some cases in, ponds and streams. The bearded iris prefer relatively dry conditions and a less rich soil. Our inclination is also to carry the older iris (see History), which we have found to be hardier and more disease resistant than many of the newer varieties.


This catalog lists approximately 400 varieties of iris, including many not listed in our 2016 catalog. We now grow over 1,000 different plants including 700 iris, 200 daylilies,120 peonies and many other perennials. We offer garden sales of pond plants, including water lilies, and potted varieties of iris, daylilies, peonies and other perennials for Spring planting. Otherwise, we ship bare-root bearded iris beginning mid July and beardless iris in September.

Our gardening year begins with a booth at the annual Nashville Lawn and Garden Show, a plant lovers paradise in early March, coming just in time to save you from the winter blahs. This year it will be held March 2 to March 5 and it's well worth a long drive to attend. Lots of vendors selling great products and the gardens just have to be seen to be believed.

Our gardens are open for visitors Wednesday through Sunday, 9 am until 4 pm (Central) from April 19 to July 1. (If you'd like a preview check out our AT THE FARM section where you can see a selection of the goings-on here, including animals both wild and not so wild, over the last several years). We're about 40 miles southwest of Nashville and we'd be most pleased to have you visit. If you can arrange to travel through the small village of Leiper's Fork on your way here, it would definitely be worth your while to stop in. Interesting shops, good restaurants, local characters and music stars abound. We're 10 miles from downtown Leiper's Fork.

Macey and Greg McCullough
7675 Younger Creek Road
Primm Springs, TN 38476 USA
(just southwest of Nashville)