Welcome to Iris City Gardens

Veterans Day in Primm Springs 2017

Landscape 2017

Helen And Gordon With Poppin And Bailey, 2017

Bob was particularly photogenic in 2017

Bob Is My Copilot

Computers Keep Your Butt Warm 2017

They're Also A Good Place For A Nap 2017

Yum! This Tastes Like Bird! 2017

I'd Fit Perfectly If This Tail Was Just A Little Bit Shorter 2017

Iris In Bloom 2016

The Brain Trust (Macey and Anita) 2016

Bob Cat The Iris 2016 (Sue Kilgore, registered 2005)

Bob Cat The Cat 2016

Surprise Lilies And Tuberoses 2016

Feeding The Birds In The Snow 2015

Bob In The Bell Tree With Macey 2013

The Duck Taxi

I. laevigata blooming 2014

Daylily Bed 2014

Bob Takes a Selfie

Lawn and Garden Show booth 2013. Best Green Goods Award

Oakleaf Hydrangea Bloom 2013

Hazelnut 2013
"When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction." Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain

Pictures Before the Prom 2013

Asleep Under the Hydrangea 2013

That's No Sparrow 2013

Guarding The Garden 2013

Daylilies and Pond 2013

Landscape 2013

Hi Girls! 2012

Resting up. 2012

Laevigata iris in the pond 2012

Bob Guarding Mushrooms 2011

"Time spent with cats is never wasted." Sigmund Freud

STARWOMAN Group 2011

Look What I Caught 2010

Bob And Peonies 2010

Labor Day Employee & Family Lunch 2010

Cooking Crew 2010

Man This Tail Is Heavy 2010

Closed 2010

Coral Charm Peony 2009

In memory of our friend Jack Vanover

Greenhouse In Spring 2009

Visitor to the Gardens 2009

Landscape 2009

Playing Golf Instead Of Working 2008

Cappy Checking Out The Peonies 2008

Peonies And Bearded Iris 2008

Checking Out The Bearded 2008

Bearded Iris And The Pond 2008

Patriotic Shade Bed 2008

Our Float In The Leiper's Fork Christmas Parade 2008

Labor Day Employee and Family Lunch 2007

The Girl Tree 2007

The Garden in Winter 2007

Peeping Tom (taken from bathroom) 2007

Iris City Gardens painted by Melanie Jackson (prints available) 2006

Siberian iris PANSY PURPLE

Bob in the Weeping Cherry 2004

July 4th at the Leiper's Fork Bluegrass Festival 2003

Macey Feeding the Fish 2003

Hazel Baby 2001


After The Bloom 2001

Other Plants We Grow 2001

Lunch 2001

The End 2013