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Species iris grow in many conditions from marsh and bog areas in full sun to dry conditions in partial to full shade. They are ideal choices for the garden pond or regular garden soil. Some of the species that follow will grow in standing water and some, such as I. tectorum, prefer well-drained soil and are very drought tolerant when established.

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Iris anguifuga
SNAKE BANE (Waddick 2007)
Standards violet, style arms paler violet. Falls white ground veined darker violet, fades with age. Spuria-like form; slight fragrance. This is the first registered clone of this Chinese species believed to repel snakes.
14" E
Iris laevigatae. Grow best in wet places or ponds but will do equally well in a garden setting if given moisture during dry summers. They like full sun, rich acid soil, lots of water and are very easy to grow. They are native to Japan and bloom along with the tall bearded iris.
I. laevigata
Attractive cobalt-blue flowers in May and smooth wide green foliage. Likes lots of moisture and acid soil. Will also grow in water.
30" M
I. laevigata Double
Double form of the species. Six falls of cobalt blue with a white line signal.

30" EM
I. laevigata Variegata
Beautifully variegated with vertically striped green and white leaves and pretty violet-blue flowers.
24" E
Beautiful flat-formed, deep blue with white edge on the falls.
30" EM
A taller form of COLCHESTERENSIS with lighter flowers and a broader white edging.
36" EM
3F. Dark violet-blue, short standards.
SEIRAN (Mahan 1993)
3F. Medium wisteria blue standards with violet stripe from base to halfway up center, violet style arms with wisteria blue crests. Falls same with yellow ridges from pale yellow signal.

27" EM
SHIRASAGI (Mahan 1993)
6F. White petals, white styles with violet shaded midribs. Very slight fragrance.

28" EM
Iris pseudacorus. The water-garden iris with yellow flowers. Will grow equally well in shallow water or in the moist part of the garden. The foliage is tall, stiff and brilliant green. They bloom on very branched stalks for a long time with the Siberians.
MINI CASCADE (Huber 2007)
Perfect for your rock garden, tiny and very well-behaved. Saffron yellow to maize yellow with brownish purple signal. Small, multi-petaled flowers.
14" EM
Iris tectorum. The "Japanese Roof Iris" has beautiful, broad fan-shaped leaves and is one of our favorite iris. It is very hardy and low maintenance. They have flat, slightly ruffled flowers and are shade tolerant.
SUN MOON LAKE (Davidson/Lankow 2007)
Violet blue self, style arms lighter at edge, dark violet spots on falls; very large white crest spotted purple. Collected near Sun Moon Lake Taiwan.
23" M
From seed collected in Taipei, Taiwan by Joan Cooper. Appears identical to SUN MOON LAKE. Violet blue self, style arms lighter at edge, dark violet spots on falls; very large white crest spotted purple. Very vigorous.

23" M
WOOLONG (Waddick 2002)
Generally larger and more vigorous than the species (and reported to be more cold-tolerant), the standards are blue-violet with paler style arms. Falls are blue-violet with darker spots; white crests. (Grows about 20" for us.)
10 M
Iris versicolor. The blue flag, this is the most common native iris of the northeastern U.S. It likes moisture and will grow well in any sun in ordinary garden conditions. Excellent branching and numerous graceful flowers ensure a fine display.
I. versicolor
Purple waterside iris. Excellent branching with numerous beautiful flowers. Good plants for garden or landscape use.
30" M
BETWEEN THE LINES (Schafer/Sacks 1991)
White ground veined blue-violet throughout. Pearly styles with violet midribs. Yellow signal with a prominent green throat.
22" M
JOHN WOOD (Wood/Linberger 1998)
Medium maroon standards veined darker, falls velvety deep red violet with white ray pattern. Flower stems are black.
32" M

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